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Elite Girls Soccer Camp @ Wilmington NC Area


Female Players Born
2013 - 2009 

Monday, July 29th to Thursday, Aug 1st 2024

5:30 - 7:30 Daily
Camp Fee:  $150

Camp Location:
 Fields  - 2024
 Soccer Field TBD


How this camp came about:

My name is John Gregg and I have been coaching female soccer player for nearly 32 year now.  I have had soccer players of mine play  club, high school, college and professionally in the US as well as internationally.  I have travelled around the world on coaching staffs for the the US National team programs as well as the National, Regional, and State Olympic Development Programs.  I have taken thousands of kids to Disney World to play soccer and many other states around the country.  Needless to say, there are people in my life that i miss not seeing growing up loving the game.  I was very very fortunate to have had the chance to coach my own daughters, one of them in now at UNCW as a student. 

Having her at UNCW allows me to every once in awhile catch my soccer playing nieces at Eaton Fields.  My nieces and I have always talked soccer and pointers but I never had a chance to coach them at great length..  Enter the Camp idea!

I encourage all reading this to look around the website and see all the exciting things available in a young players future!

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Contact with any questions
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