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Elite Girls Soccer Academy Teams

 FREE Clinic

Registration Required 

For all female 2013 and 2014's 

Mary's Fitness Training Facility @ 981 Bullfrog Valley Rd. Hershey PA 

Come out for two FREE training sessions with Coach John and learn more about Elite Soccer Academy. 

You will get 2 fun and active training sessions that will help you learn more about the game, yourself, and your technical ability!

all for FREE!!!! 

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Registration Required - Form Below


 Sunday March 24th   


  Sunday April 7th


Elite Soccer Academy is looking to form tournament teams for the 2024-2025 season in the 2012,2013, and 2014 age groups.  Typically during the inception year, teams may be combined.  If numbers are low and we are unable to form a full team, we have traditionally trained those players interested in their development and then played a handful of 3v3 tournaments through the year.

In the beginning of the 2023/2024 season, we started with five (5) 2011/2012 players and by the spring we are now up to 10 players.

This team (along with the newest groups of 2013 and 2014's) will be tournament teams only and ALL players can still play for their current or new club teams.

We are a supplemental program that is active throughout the year.

 Academy Teams

(2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014's)

Are you  interested in developing into a great player as well as a person..?

Interested in maximizing your exposure to  experiences that you will remember for a life time? 

Making new friends, having fun, and becoming strong confident young people that will experience life lessons that will be with you for life?

Education,  Leadership,  Sports Performance, Social Media Training, Fitness, Nutrition, and many other programs will allow you to learn  through the best sport in the world.. 

Learn new things, be challenged, gain confidence,  develop at every training session, and do it along side like minded players !  

Bring FUN back into soccer! 

  • Teams compete and gather year round and are run as a club team

  • Teams compete in tournament play only to save on cost 

  • Teams train 1x a week throughout the year when season permits, play tournaments, and possibly do indoor leagues in winter 

  • Teams will do specialized programs throughout the year

  • Teams will do 2 to 3 team bonding events during the year that are NOT soccer related

  • Coaching by John  Gregg, ESA Director  and other Elite Soccer Academy Staff when needed

  • Additional staff is made up of highly qualified  licensed coaches , most are ODP and Regional ODP staff coaches.



Average Program Cost

(estimated values)

Academy Teams  - ($1,110)

  • Team Registration/Acceptance = $100 (due at acceptance to team)

  • Program Fees = $200 ($50 due quarterly -Sept, Dec, April, June)

  • Coaching Fees = $660 ($55 due 1st of each month starting July 1st)

  • Uniform / Training Package =  $150 (Estimated cost due at time of order, supplier TBD)

  • All tournament cost are extra

 Players can play in older ages groups and may be asked to play in combined age groups if needed.
2024-2025 Teams are; 2006's, 2007-08's, 2009's, 2010's, 2011's, 2012's, and 2013/14's 
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Contact with any questions
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