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International Trip


Costa Rica Information NOW available - Visit the Costa Rica Trip page under this Tab.  Hover on tool bar.

Costa Rica - Italy - Spain

Elite Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Elite Socker to encourage each athlete to strive for excellence. Our goal is to promote and foster an atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual, personal and physical development of each individual. Developing a strong relationship with each athlete is critical in motivating him/her to realize his/her potential. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities to all athletes and contributing to the total educational experience. Our primary objectives are to teach the Science based core principals of nutrition, strength and conditioning, and all the technical and tactical abilities in order to improve athletic performance, and reduce the risk of injury.

Costa Rica 2016 w/ Region 1 ODP

White Water Rafting in Rainforest    

CultureNight with Costa Rica Soccer Tours    

Italy  2017 w/ Region 1 ODP

Giuseppe Corsi singing in Venice Italy

Team Bus Ride from Field to Hotel

Tour of Milan Italy

Boat ride through Venice Italy

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