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2004-2005 Girls Team

2022-2023 Team


The 2022-2023 Elite Girls Academy team is made up of a mixture of 2004 (3 players), 2005, and 2006 girls.  The team will be graduating 8 players . 4 of our 8 graduating seniors are committed already to be playing at the college level. 

The team will be actively searching for players (2005 and 2006) interested in playing on a competitive team, interested in exploring the opportunity of playing in college,  and playing in all college showcase events throughout the year.. 

The team trains year round and plays in about 10-12 tournament through the year.

If interested in hearing more about the 05-06 Elite team for the 2023-2024 season, please contact

2022-2023 Player Roster 

2022-2023 Players Fees

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